Rules of Apotheek Skagerrak

Apotheek Skagerrak has set a set of rules, due to fact that, very often, different patients are inside of our premises at the same time. By adhering to these rules, the pharmacy is aiming to minimize the possibilities of any incidents, accidents and/or confusion and create a safe and welcoming environment.
In case of not adhering to the below set of us rules, the pharmacy has the right to (temporarily) refuse entrance to the premises.


- Patients are required to adhere to general norms and values of our society, meaning for example;
- Respect one and other, even if you may.
- Provide the necessary space for privacy.
- Do not touch another persons.
- Do not harm anything or anyone.

Use of Mobile Phone

Calling using a mobile phone in the premises is accepted, for the sole purpose of the benefit of the prescription/medication in question.

Offensive behaviour

The pharmacy holds the right to request persons, who are showing any type of offensive behaviour, to leave the premises immediately. Aggression, violence, or intimidation is not tolerated at Apotheek Skagerrak. The pharmacy will report this to the authorities. Any related costs occurred from this behaviour will be charged to the offender.


Substance Abuse

The use and/or the being of influence of any alcohol or drugs is not accepted. Any holding of a weapon is prohibited.

Theft and Vandalism

In the case of theft and/or vandalism, the pharmacy will directly report this to the police. The offender of this will be handed over to the authorities. In all cases, any occurred costs will be directed towards the offender. The pharmacy is not responsible of the theft of the belongings of its clients.


We appreciate everyone’s assistance in assuring that any person with a disability has priority of a seat.


Please place your bicycle or park your car in the designated parking bays.

Case of Emergency

In geval van calamiteiten dient u de aanwijzingen van het personeel of de hiertoe bevoegde instantie (brandweer, politie) op te volgen.

In case of an emergency, a designated person of staff will instruct all persons on staff for the appropriate procedures, before arrival of the appropriate authorities (police, fire brigade, etc.)


Smoking is prohibited. This included e-cigarettes.


Dogs are not allowed within the premises of the pharmacy, with the exception of any assistance dogs.

Audio Visio

Any person of staff of Apotheek Skagerrak, or any other person who is present on the premises of the pharmacy is not to be filmed or photographed with written consent of each individual person. It is furthermore prohibited to make any audio recordings with the use of mobile phone of any conversations. We have these rules in place to protect the privacy of our patients.

Personal Identification

A person of staff of Apotheek Skagerrak may request valid identification documentation when handing over the medication.