Sharing of Medical Information

Het Landelijk Schakelpunt

The pharmacy Apotheek Skagerrak is connected to the National Switchboard (LSP). This platform allows for medication information to be shared between different healthcare providers, such as pharmacy, GP or specialists. All of these healthcare providers have the possibility to have insight about medication information and medication usage, in a safe and secure manner.


The pharmacy is not allowed however just to share this information without your approval. You may provide your approval via the following channels:

  • Verbally
  • Physically In writing, by completing the following form and to be printed and handed in at pharmacy
  • Digitally via 

For individuals under the age of 16, the following rules apply:

  • For individuals under the age of 12, the legal guardian may approve.
  • For individuals between 12 and 16, both legal guardian and the individual’s own approval is.
  • Individuals of 16 and above are fully responsible for this approval themselves.


The Association of Healthcare providers for Care communication (VZVZ) was founded by four cores of healthcare providers: The Core of General Practitioners (LHV), Centralized GPs, (InEen), pharmacies, (KNMP) and hospitals (NVZ). Since 1 January 2012, VZVZ has been made responsible for the electronically sharing of medical information via the above-mentioned LSP. For more information, please visit the website.