Register Locker System

Our Locker System

Feel free to use our locker system (Servilocker) completely free of charge. By using this machine, you can collect your medication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.-

How does it work?

ZAs soon as the prescription arrives in our pharmacy, we will prepare the medication and place it into the locker. You will receive an e-mail with a unique code for collection. Please enter this unique code into the display panel on the locker, which will allow the locker to open and your medication to be handed over to you. You have 3 days to collect, from the moment of receiving the code.

How do I register?

By completing and submitting the below form, you are automatically and directly eligible to use the locker system.

Does all the medication go into the locker?

Any medication that is prescribed to you for the very first time will need to be collected inside with one of our colleagues. Any prescription afterwards of that same medication can be collected via the locker system. Any medication that requires to be refrigerated is also NOT able to be placed in the locker. For any further questions, about the lockers, feel free to speak to one of our members of staf