Office Hours

Apotheek Skagerrak does not maintain specific office hours for meetings and information. Our standard opening hours also function as our office hours. In case you are interested in a more extended meeting about a specific topic, we appreciate to make an appointment for this.

Delivery Service

In case you are unable to visit the pharmacy yourself, we do offer a delivery service. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Locker System

If you are unable to visit the pharmacy during the opening hours, Apotheek Skagerrak does offer a free-of-charge Locker Service. Using this system, you can come to collect your medication any time of the day, any day of the week. For more information, please click here.


In case you wish to discuss something a bit more discretely, Apotheek Skagerrak has a private room. Together with either a pharmacist or assistant, you can speak freely without being overheard. Please ask a member of staff in case you wish to make use of this facility.

Review of Medication

If you are of the age of 65 or older and if you are using 5 or more different medications, it could be that you are eligible for a review of your medication, offered by both pharmacist and in corporation with the general practitioner. During the first meeting (in the pharmacy or in your home) you will discuss your usage and dosage, expectations and possible side-effects or any other issues you may encounter. This meeting will be reviewed by the pharmacist with your general practitioner, where both GP and pharmacist will make an action plan if any changes may need to be introduced. After this discussion, the pharmacist will in turn contact you to inform you of any changes discussed with the GP.

This assessment will be claimed towards your health insurance but does not fall under your own risk policy.

Ongoing Repeat Prescriptions

Apotheek Skagerrak offers the possibility to use our Ongoing Repeat Prescription service. This service allows for you to have one particular prescription to be automatically repeated, without the hassle for you to go to your GP. The doctor will communicate with us, the pharmacy directly and we will in turn inform you when your medication is ready for collection. Please feel free to fill in this form, to sign up for this service.